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100 Lafayette St
Baton Rouge, LA, 70801
United States


An initiative of the Center for Planning Excellence, the CONNECT Coalition advocates for expanded mobility choices throughout the New Orleans to Baton Rouge Super Region and improve access to affordable homes, job centers and equitable economic opportunity.

Transit Systems

Regional transit systems provide critical links within our communities by connecting people to their jobs, supporting economic vitality and alleviating growing traffic problems.

Our goal is to support transportation choices for getting between home, jobs and stores with transit options such as buses, trolleys, streetcars and ferries.

 A proposed streetcar on the Nicholson Corridor in Baton Rouge.

A proposed streetcar on the Nicholson Corridor in Baton Rouge.


  • Improve regional access by working toward greater coordination of JET and RTA services
  • Improve governance and professionalization of transit agencies
  • Ensure new zoning ordinances in New Orleans and Baton Rouge incorporate transit, walking, and biking supportive development regulations
  • Encourage transit agencies to include rail connectivity in long-range planning
  • Reconvene Baton Rouge Transit Coalition to support CATS' implementation efforts and increase board capactiy
  • Monitor and support progressive transit projects such as the Claiborne Corridor
  • Work with CATS, NORTA, and JET to improve services, and promote alignment and cross-sharing with other transit agencies
  • Monitor/Support Louisiana Housing Corporation's Housing and Transportation Planning and Coordination Committee
  • Support efforts to meet growing demand for Human Services Transit