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100 Lafayette St
Baton Rouge, LA, 70801
United States


An initiative of the Center for Planning Excellence, the CONNECT Coalition advocates for expanded mobility choices throughout the New Orleans to Baton Rouge Super Region and improve access to affordable homes, job centers and equitable economic opportunity.

Transportation Planning

We support ongoing planning at the state, regional and local scales that promote mixed use, mixed income, transit accessible communities.

Our goal is to ensure that planned transportation and infrastructure investments address the needs of all communities. 

CONNECT members have prioritized participation in this effort as a top policy priority, and CONNECT has a seat on one of the plan’s advisory councils.

To solidify CONNECT’s aims and objectives in this planning process, the Coalition’s Steering Committee has drafted a Position Paper outlining the key issues we hope will be addressed. The issues mentioned herein are a reflection of our Policy Agenda, emphasizing the importance of public transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects, and passenger rail for Louisiana communities and their inclusion in the plan.

State Rail Plan
In order for Louisiana to qualify for future rail funding, a State Rail Plan must be completed and include specific standards and data as required by the federal government.  Public input is crucial for the success of any planning effort, and CONNECT members voiced their support of passenger rail connecting the super region at meetings in Baton Rouge and New Orleans during early October.


  • Targeted outreach to elected officials, key stakeholders and equity groups to encourage inclusive participation in planning, policies and decision-making
  • Serve on the Advisory Committee of the Statewide Transportation Plan update in 2013- 2014
  • Engaged in local comprehensive plan processes to encourage transit supportive codes
  • Facilitate partnerships and collaborations across the New Orleans/Baton Rouge super-region
  • Inform and engage Coalition members around federal transportation funding and legislative issues
  • Encourage coordination of land-use, housing and economic development investments in transportation planning
  • Host annual Policy Forum to convene stakeholders and decision-makers to highlight policy priority issues and progress
  • Monitor benchmarks and performance measures for state and regional plans
  • Ensure alignment between scales and public agencies
  • Encourage transit agencies and MPOs to include rail and multi-modal connectivity in long-range planning